15 Best Design Blue Kitchen Cabinets ideas

Not all apartments have spacious interior design. Not to mention, many people who buy a small apartment usually rather confuse how to design the interior. Although the rooms have been specified by the designer, they need to perfect it with the smart room décor including where to place the furniture. In the today’s post, we need to concern in the blue kitchen cabinets which is created in the small space.

Here, we will begin it with the kitchen appliances. To save the kitchen spot, we can use the wall mount furniture such as the cabinet or storage. For this furniture, it will be better to purchase the closed cabinet for it makes the blue kitchen cabinets looks tidier. Somehow, if you tend to use the open shelf design, I suggest you to array it as orderly as well. Then, to the floor kitchen furniture, we might fill the corner space by using the L-shape furniture as it is pictured in the images.

Tips Kitchen Cabinets Decors

After that, in order to make it looks larger, we need to color it with bright hues that you like. If you love to adorn it with colorful tones, make sure that you make it looks stylish and trendy. While, if you need to make it looks neutral, you might put white and complement it with dark tones like dim grey, black, wooden colors and so on. Then, even though it is small blue kitchen cabinets décor, we can of course complete it with the dining room too.

By creating a minimal yet stylish dining zone, we can perfect the kitchen design, indeed. Moreover, we can make a kitchen island then use it as the dining area. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to create it in open kitchen concept in one space with living room. Don’t use too much partition especially permanent partition for it will make the space smaller. To complete this post, we equip it with the inspirational pictures of small kitchen decors of the apartment.

blue kitchen cabinets

blue kitchen cabinets

Source: www.flooringinc.com

This blue kitchen cabinet with a room that is not too big but with the right arrangement looks good. with many shelves it can store various kitchen tools such as plates, knives, glasses and other kitchen tools. with a combination of very bright blue and white with the enlightenment of a good lamp adds to the good impression of this room.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Source: www.forbes.com

with a large room This dark blue kitchen cabinet looks very classic and can store a lot of your kitchen equipment and with a shelf that you can use to display photos or put other items as well as with ornaments that are quite unique on a fairly large table and a few chairs in the room it looks neat and nice.

Blue grey kitchen cabinets

Blue grey kitchen cabinets

Source: www.housebeautiful.com

This blue gray kitchen cabinet with a large space with a large enough kitchen and lots of shelves to store your kitchen utensils such as plates, cups and knives. And plus there is a dining table with flower vase decoration and several chairs with colors the striking room looks elegant and clean.

Light blue kitchen cabinets

Light blue kitchen cabinets

Source: www.masterclasskitchens.co.uk

The light blue kitchen cabinet is perfect if it is in your home with a white table and the combination of light blue is very suitable. and decorate directly a few lights that directly illuminate the table it will look more attractive and nice.

Dark blue kitchen cabinets

Dark blue kitchen cabinets

Source: www.elledecor.com

Dark blue kitchen cabinets are very cool and classic with good cooking utensils and there are plenty of shelves to store your things and there are some tables and chairs where you can decorate a few flower vases so they look beautiful in view.

Blue gray kitchen cabinets

Blue gray kitchen cabinets

Source: www.elledecor.com

This blue-gray kitchen cabinet with quite bright color combination is very good. and is equipped with several shelves that can store your kitchen utensils as well as a fairly large table and unique chairs that look united with the atmosphere of this room coupled with several lamps that are uniquely shaped add to the elegant impression of this room.

Blue painted kitchen cabinets

Blue painted kitchen cabinets

Source: www.architecturaldigest.com

The blue kitchen cabinet is quite combined with white color so it looks good especially coupled with ornaments such as paintings, uniquely shaped flower vases and several lamps that directly illuminate the table and this room looks perfect.

Blue kitchen ideas

Blue kitchen ideas

Source: www.durasupreme.com

This blue kitchen idea is perfect for those of you who have a fairly large room with a combination of white and blue tables that are very suitable with bright colors and decorated with beautiful flower vases. And there are two lamps that are uniquely shaped in harmony with the atmosphere of this room.

Blue kitchen walls

Blue kitchen walls

Source: newdecortrends.com

with a large enough room and blue kitchen walls are very suitable for this room and there are some photos or paintings with the right placement. And there are some chairs and tables that are not too big with a decorated vase of flowers and lamps that are uniquely shaped add to the good impression and this room is beautiful.

iKea kitchen Large Decorating Layout

iKea kitchen cabinets

Source: thediymommy.com

iKea kitchen cabinet is perfect for you with a room that is not too big but can be used to store some of your kitchen tools and there are shelves that you can use to store jars or snacks. as well as a fairly large table and there are a few chairs and flowers in the flower decorate beautiful impression of this room.

Lowes Kitchen Minimalist for Home Decors

Lowes kitchen cabinets

Source: kitchenfact.com

This lowes kitchen cabinet looks long with a fairly large cupboard that you can use to store your kitchen tools. And a table and a few chairs with a striking black color are very combined with the color of the room which is dominantly white so that this room looks elegant.

Modern Decorating White Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets

Source: homedecoratetips.com

This modern kitchen cabinet is perfect for a large enough room with several shelves that you can use as a place to store your kitchen items or food and shelves that you can use to decorate it like a flower vase. there are several chairs and dining tables and decorated with a very unique shape of the lamp then this room is very nice and modern.

Used Walls Color for Decors ideas

Used kitchen cabinets

Source: www.realhomes.com

This used kitchen cabinet looks very good with some classic paintings with bright enough wall colors and directly decorated with a few lights illuminating the painting adds to the coolness of this room. and there are several shelves that you can use to store your kitchenware.

Best paint for kitchen inspiration 2021

Best paint for kitchen cabinets

Source: kitchenarchitecture.co.uk

The best paint for your kitchen cabinets must match the color of the room so that the two colors look harmonious. with a large room with good room arrangement then this room looks beautiful to look at because it directly looks at the environment outside the home.

Outdoor kitchen Design with Round Table

Outdoor kitchen cabinets

Source: www.homestratosphere.com

This outdoor kitchen cabinet is perfect for family gatherings because it looks more relaxed with the natural scenery around even children can play. with the correct arrangement such as cooking utensils or grills and beautiful lamps and flowers that see the viewer. coupled with a dining table and several chairs with nice colors you can enjoy the food or the atmosphere while relaxing.


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